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If you like this website and would like a
similar one of your own, contact my
genius webmaster, Eugene Lisansky,

Gene operates Mr News Media, taking,
enhancing & repairing digital photos,
copywriting, and other creative imaging.
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Mr News Media Facebook page.

I give traffic reports on several radio stations around the State of Florida.
Here's a link to their parent company:
Total Traffic & Weather Network.

Go visit my schools:  
Cornell University and Rye High School.

Here are links to my current bands:
Fleetwood Max is the finest Fleetwood
Mac tribute band east of the Rockies. And
Diamond Daze plays rock and pop
hits from the 60s and 70s!

Here is a great site for adult hockey players who want to spend
their next vacation getting physically abused but having the
time of their lives doing it:  
Can/Am Hockey Camp
Daisy in Can/Am Camp  1998
Piranha Brothers  1988
Eugene & Daisy in England  1997
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Here is a link to the St. Raphael's Church

The Praise Band is led by Eric Foreman,
musician by night, Termite Terminator by day.
Here is a link to his
Facebook page.
Fleetwood Max  2018