Daisy Ash--Musician

Let Daisy Ash help you with your musical needs—performance, arranging, or songwriting!
Daisy Ash is a drummer.  She owns a set of
Roland electronic drums (V-Custom).  

Daisy plays just about any style, from rhumba to
reggae to rock, and she has a great sense of
time.  Her background includes lessons of
rudiments/fundamentals in elementary and high
school, drumming in high school and college
marching bands, and playing percussion and
drums with the St. Raphael’s praise band in St.
Petersburg, FL.  
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sample of Daisy drumming.
Daisy Ash has been playing piano/keyboards
her whole life.  She owns several Yamaha,
Roland, and
Alesis keyboards.  Daisy plays
mostly by ear or with chord charts but can read
music as well.  Her specialty is rich chords.  She
can improvise, transpose, and solo.  Daisy took
six years of piano lessons which included
classical, jazz, contemporary, reading, and ear
training.  She has played in various bands
including: Fleetwood Max, Diamond Daze,
Category Five, The OT Dirt Band, and Letters
from Home (formerly Piranha Brothers).  Daisy
is familiar with the pop music of many eras,
especially the mid-to-late seventies.
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for an audio sample of Daisy playing keyboards.
Daisy is a singer who specializes in harmony.  
She has a great ear and is an unobtrusive but
effective background vocalist.  She can find
harmonies that are not in an original recording
but enrich a sound geometrically.  She can also
sing lead if necessary, in the alto or contralto
range.  She was once hired to compose new
lyrics to a popular song and perform it as a sort
of “singing telegram” for a gentleman who
wanted to propose to his girlfriend.
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for an audio sample of Daisy singing.
Daisy loves to arrange music most
of all.  In every band in which she
plays, she solidly contributes to
the arrangements of the songs
performed.  Also, she can study a
recording and transcribe each part
for the different musicians in a
band.  She uses Garage Band and
Cakewalk/Sonar programs to
transcribe parts.  Daisy’s
understanding of music theory
helps insure that each part works
with the next.  
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for a sample page of
music transcribed by
Daisy has been writing music
since the age of six.  She has
written dozens of pop and jazz
style songs and several
Christian songs of varying
genre.  She uses the Cakewalk
Home Studio/Sonar program to
transcribe them and records
them using a combination of
MIDI and recorded
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for a sample of an original song
by Daisy.
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Daisy keeps a beat in high school
In her home studio in St. Petersburg Florida
On stage at the Bitter End in New York City